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Microlink Support - Setting up a Dial-Up Account using Windows 95/98/ME

How to set up a Dial-Up Account with Windows 95/98/ME

First, open Dial-Up Networking, by following the instructions below for your operating system:

Windows 95/98: Double click the My Computer icon on your desktop.  Double click Dial-Up Networking.

Windows ME: From the Start menu, click Settings, and choose Dial-Up Networking

Click Make New Connection

The Connection Wizard will come up. Type in the name of the connection

Click Next

Enter Microlink's dial-in number: 204000

Click Next

Click Finish:

There should be an icon called 'Microlink' in your dial-up networking folder. Click your right mouse button over it, and select 'Properties'

Uncheck 'Use Area Code and Dialing Properties'

Click OK, and you're done!

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