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Online Store - Questions and Answers

I have a PAYG account. My topups don't work when I go to 'top up my Microlink account'

PAYG topups are different from Microlink account topups. PAYG topups are for a certain number of GB's to be added to your account, whereas Microlink Account topups are to pay monthly fees for non-PAYG accounts. Therefore, if you have a PAYG account, you must click on the PAYG button to enter your code.

Why is the amount deducted from my bank account different from the amount specified on my invoice?

PayPal unfortunately does not accept transactions in Zambian Kwacha, so your paypal account is debited the USD equivalent, which you see as you complete the transaction. This is calculated using Microlink's current rates for the month. If you have a Zambian credit or debit card, your best option is to use the Kwacha store or the Microlink accounts portal instead of Paypal.

Nothing happens when I click on the 'Submit' button as I try to top up

The 'Submit' button opens the confirmation page in a new window (or a new tab). It usually opens in the forefront so you see it right away, but some browsers might hide it behind the current window. So after you click 'Submit', please look around for the new browser page that was opened.