Microlink Technologies Ltd.

Unlimited Subscriptions

Through your Accounts Portal, you can subscribe for 1 month of any of our Unlimited subscriptions. There is no data cap on these subscriptions, but after your Turbo Gbs are used up, the speeds are regulated -- so they will not be as fast as the Bundles.

Unlimited Prices (for one month subscription)

SubscriptionPricePeak KbpsOffpeak KbpsTurbo GbsContention Ratio
TU Staff A50204810240101:25
TU Starter1952048512031:40
TU Essentials2951536512051:25
TU VIP475204810240101:25
TU HU Standard475204810240101:25
TU HU Premium695307210240251:20
TU SOHO Standard1050512010240301:20
TU VVIP1050512010240301:20
TU SOHO Premium1550512010240501:12
TU Enterprise Standard25007680102401001:12
TU Enterprise Premium350010240102401501:10
TU Corporate Standard475012288122882001:8
TU Corporate Premium750012288122883001:4
TU Corporate Supreme950012288122885001:3