3rd March 2017


Q & A's - Migration from WIMAX to LTE


What is the timeline for migration from WIMAX to LTE?

Microlink will decommission the Wimax system in Lusaka at midnight on 30th April 2017. All clients who currently use WIMAX will not be able to use the system on 1st May as in Lusaka we will have moved fully to LTE.


Why is WIMAX being decommissioned?

-          Wimax is a legacy system reaching the end of its life

-          User equipment is expensive

-          Running WIMAX alongside LTE hurts the performance of both systems

-          The WIZ LTE system has a factor of 20 times the capacity which will result in better speeds and considerably lower congestion


What are my options?

-          Either you can migrate on what are very reasonable and fair terms or

-          You need to look for another provider because as of 1st May existing Wimax users will not have internet.


What are the terms?

-          Clients who migrate during March will receive equipment and installation free of charge (whether Outdoor Units (ODUs) or Indoor Units (IDUs)

-          Clients who migrate during April will have to pay K500 for the equipment and installation and these are sold considerably below our cost of purchase

-          Clients can choose any of the LTE packages (prices and full details are fully transparent and available on www.wiz.co.zm as well as Terms and Conditions and the Service Level agreement (SLA). All the LTE Turbo Unlimited packages (TU) are on a like-for-like basis of price per average speed / data consumption close to an average of 40% cheaper than the current Wimax SV packages.


What are the options and limitations?

-          Clients can elect any of the TU packages to migrate to which may be lower or higher than the price they currently are paying. However, it will have to be one of the new WIZ packages as the older Wimax SV packages are not an option.


What do I have to do to migrate to LTE?

-          As LTE is a delivery system that uses a simcard, ZICTA requires that the Subscription Information Forms be submitted for each account/client along with proof of identity or, in the case of a business, TPIN or registration number. The ZICTA Subscription Form (SIF) along with the terms and conditions can be downloaded from www.wiz.co.zm. It is mandatory that this form and the accompanying form be provided to us as unless this is provided the migration, under the laws of ZICTA and Zambia, simply cannot be allowed to proceed. Following this the rest is easy and your migration request will be processed and your

equipment switch-out will be scheduled.

-          Clients will only be migrated is they have do not have any monies outstanding as of 28thFebruary, i.e. before the March invoice.



What are the other differences between Wimax and LTE?

-          At the client level the primary difference is that the bulk of new clients and migrated clients are classified as pre-paid clients where the client is in charge of the type of package they want and essentially self-select them. Any payments that are made go into the client account and this balance represents the balance that they have with us and remains their money to apply or withdraw as they wish. On installation, the client selects the package they wish and then apply their balance (or part of it) to the package. Packages cannot be selected unless there is a sufficient balance. They can be bundles or they can be any of the TU packages. If the latter is selected the internet will be accessible at the time of application and will provide internet until the same day of the month following at which point it will be disabled. One can apply the same package before the end of service date or, alternatively, if you do not anticipate using the service for a while or are going away, apply it days or weeks later and at the point of activation will provide a further month

-          This self-select procedure as well as looking at account statement, usage statistics,passwords, personal details and a variety of other options can be used through the WIZ app. This WIZ app can be downloaded from the www.wiz.co.zm website. Please note this WIZ app will only currently work on Android phones.

-          Both status messages about data used (in the case of bundles) and period until the end of the Unlimited period will be sent via SMS to your provided cell phone number.


Pre-paid versus post-paid

-          As stated, we expect the majority of clients to be pre-paid. If however, you wish to remain on the current system where you are invoiced at the beginning of each month then please inform customer care or accounts and we will consider the request. We understand that some businesses and individuals are more comfortable with a regular monthly payment on the same day or just are comfortable with our current system. We can accommodate this, but you will not be able to use the WIZ app and will need to track usage and other statistics through the Microlink website as you currently do.


How can I make payment?

-          In the case of pre-paid, clients payments can be made into your account through:

#using scratchcards which can, for now, be purchased from our offices or Arcades;
# making cash or check payments at our offices or Arcades;
# using PoS machines at our offices or Arcades;

# making payment online through the Barclays secure payment facility. Anyone with VISA or MasterCard cards issued by any bank can do this.