Increasing your Turbo Limit

Clients who wish to buy more Turbo GB on the TU Unlimited package can now buy additional Turbo GB up to the full amount of their package, e.g. TU Essentials allows you to buy up to 5 more Turbo GB . The full table is below:

To Top up your Turbo, go to the Subscriptions section of your accounts portal, and click on 'Turbo Topups'.

 Subscription  Price  Max Peak Mbps  Max Offpeak Mbps  Turbo Gbs  Contention Ratio  Additional Turbo Price per Gb 
TU Starter1952.05.031:4035.00
TU Essentials2951.55.051:2530.00
TU HU Standard4752.010.0101:2520.00
TU HU Premium6953.010.0251:2020.00
TU SOHO Standard10505.010.0301:2017.50
TU SOHO Premium15505.010.0501:1217.50
TU Enterprise Standard25007.510.01001:1215.00
TU Enterprise Premium350010.010.01501:1015.00
TU Corporate Standard475012.012.02001:812.50
TU Corporate Premium750012.012.03001:412.50
TU Corporate Supreme950012.012.05001:312.50

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