We are pleased to announce that the WIZ LTE Migration for Lusaka is starting this weekend (from the 3rd March 2017). All those clients who have indicated they wish to be migrated will be moved from our WIMAX system to our LTE system over the next few weeks. Along with a simcard you will be assigned a TU (Turbo Unlimited) package which is closest in price to your current price. If you wish to upgrade/downgrade you can do this. A few points:

1. The cost of equipment for those who have indicated they wish to migrate is free for the month of March (otherwise it will be K 500).

2. You will remain post-paid customers but you have the option of becoming pre-paid customers. Please get in touch with us if you wish to swap.

3. Please go to our www.wiz.co.zm for full details on pricing, terms and Conditions, coverage area, etc.

4. Regretfully, as we are already providing free equipment we cannot migrate anyone who has a balance with us.

5. There are certain registration requirements that have to be followed under ZICTA regulations and we will be following up on this.

FINALLY, so far we are extremely pleased with the system and it provides far more capacity and far faster speeds. We are sure you will be very happy with the move to LTE and thank you for coming on board. Please let us know if there is anything wrong with your experience on LTE as we want to make sure everyone enjoys it.